Media Planning

We don’t just simply buy media.
Here at Spiritmedia we pull together media recommendations based on our collaborative work with clients, our research, and our years of experience. We don’t just simply buy media.
Independent Voice

With the expanding array of options across traditional and emerging channels you need an independent voice in your corner to help you to navigate the often all-consuming and bewildering media placement choices that are available today. Spiritmedia are that voice.

Specific Media Options

The team at Spiritmedia can help identify the specific media options that will most effectively target the demographic you are seeking to reach and make sure your advertising is seen in the right place, at the right time and by the right person. Whether it’s a mass brand awareness campaign or a niche targeted campaign, Spiritmedia have the answers.

Target Audience

Our method is objectives-driven. Strategies are developed once we understand and define the campaign’s target audience, geographic slant and timing considerations. These media objectives make the backbone of a media plan, driving the overall media mix and tactics of the media buy.

Managing the Balance

Spiritmedia manage the balance between obtaining the best deal possible while developing strong relationships with suppliers ensuring the best possible rates and added value.

All Media Channels

We have significant experience buying across all media channels including OOH, TV, radio, print, direct mail, online, digital and social.