Google TV Network: Transforming CTV Advertising with Google Ads Integration

The future of CTV advertising
Sarah Adam
Created on:
July 2, 2024


In a significant move to enhance its connected TV (CTV) advertising offering, Google has launched the Google TV network. This new initiative connects in-stream video inventory across more than 125 channels built into Google TV, available on over 20 million monthly active Google TV and Android TVOS devices. This development allows advertisers to seamlessly plan, buy, and measure Google TV campaigns alongside their existing digital video campaigns, thereby maximizing reach and engagement.

Expanding CTV Advertising Reach

Connected TV viewing is on the rise, with more than 150 million people watching YouTube on their TV screens each month, according to Google. This trend presents a lucrative opportunity for advertisers to reach a broad audience through targeted, in-stream video ads. The Google TV network enhances this potential by integrating with the Google Ads platform, allowing advertisers to target viewers more effectively.

Ad-Supported Streaming Popularity

Deloitte's 2023 data indicates that 60% of U.S. households watch free, ad-supported streaming services and channels. Viewers of Google TV’s free channels spend an average of over 75 minutes per day watching, showcasing the substantial engagement potential for advertisers.

Advanced Ad Formats and Automation

The Google TV network supports a variety of CTV ad formats, including non-skippable and 6-second bumper ads. This variety allows advertisers to choose the best format for their message and audience. Additionally, the integration of automation and artificial intelligence in ad platforms by Google and other industry leaders like Microsoft signifies a shift towards more efficient and connected ad buying processes.

Integration with Google Ads and Beyond

Google TV powers TVs and streaming devices from renowned brands such as Sony, Hisense, TCL, and Chromecast. These devices offer features like Google Assistant, smart home control, built-in channels, and personalised entertainment recommendations. This ecosystem facilitates a comprehensive advertising strategy, blending traditional TV ads with digital targeting precision.

Microsoft’s Competitive Edge

Microsoft has also expanded its advertising tools to support video and CTV ads within its Advertising Editor, including Netflix inventory across 10 countries. This expansion allows advertisers to create campaigns in bulk and directly upload videos, with device targeting automatically generated based on campaign type. Microsoft’s inclusion of Netflix inventory in countries like the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and several European nations underscores the competitive landscape of CTV advertising.


The launch of the Google TV network marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of CTV advertising. By leveraging the extensive reach of Google TV and integrating with the Google Ads platform, advertisers can now more effectively target and engage with viewers. As CTV viewing continues to grow, and with the support of advanced ad formats and automated processes, the future of TV advertising looks even more dynamic.

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